Two Days Workshop (intro- stereo photography) at FDS, Warsaw

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On 15 March 2015, the two-day 3D stereo photography workshop which supported by the FDS (Fundacja Dla Somalii) under The Incubator Project has been completed. Six (6) people from various nationality attended the workshop: Iran, Brazil, Ukraine, Polish and Indonesia. Indeed, the number of participants were not as many as registered. There were 16 (sixteen) people who registered via on-line but fortunately, the participants who attended during the two-day workshops were eager and shown consistency to learn the knowledge of stereo photography (3D photography) until the end of the workshop.

The workshop was planned that the participants practice directly in class. This method is intended for quick learning the basic Stereo photography, such as stereo base, editing photo, adjust disparity image etc . Participants were encouraged to make their own 3D photo from taking photo, editing, until the final phase, which is viewing the 3D photos. As instructor, I only gave practical guidance during their learning. The theory was given only at the beginning, around 4 hours of workshop (first day). It especially delivered to introduce the basic concept of stereo photography. In addition, I draw various simple diagrams on the whiteboard and also in the presentation pack as my method of style to explain the basic concept for easier and faster understanding.

stereoscopy in one diagram
stereoscopy in one diagram

All participant must bring their own computer and a common camera (non-3D camera). The technique for making 3D with single camera is called “cha-cha” technique. It means taking two photo by shifting a single camera from left to right. This technique would make the participants understood directly about the stereo base. Stereo base is the important parameter during taking 3D photo. After taking photo, the participant processed the photo in their computer for align two frame of photo. In this part, participant must adjust the disparity image to meet the standard of stereo photo which the observer should be feel comfortable to enjoy 3D (depth) imaging.

As intermezzo, participant watched three (3) video clips which contain the collection of 3D photos from experienced stereo photographers  and stereo photographer clubs around the world. They watched the video clips via 3D TV. Each stereo photographer has unique style to use 3D. It is also a good way to learn. Thanks to Thomasz Bielawski and Borys Wasiuk, who gave great support for the workshop. Borys (founder of PKS – Polskie Klub Stereoskopowy) lend some materials for demo and 3D glasses.

In second day, the workshop was focused to improve their skill by taking a lot of photos. Even some participants, already taking photos before the 2nd day was started or during their spare time at home. At the end of workshop, the participants are able to handle the important control/parameter in stereo photography. Each person had produced 4~10 photo. All photos were uploaded to web based group in flickr as 3D anaglyph format.
group fds_flickrNote: 3D glasses anaglyph is needed to see them and also some photos need yahoo/flickr account to access.

We were happy and satisfied watching our own 3D photo result on the TV. It was only two-day workshop and without using special camera (3D camera). However, their 3D photo could be compared with image taken by the experienced 3D photographer in flickr. Indeed, they have to gain experiences by more practice and sharing with others who have the same interest.

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We plan to have exhibition at the FDS to show the best 3D photo creation by the participants.  The theme of this event is “Multicultural Dialogue”. The date of exhibition will be announced soon. Tentatively 15~20 days after the workshop or around mid/end of April 2015.


3D Photo Exhibition was done on 6 June 2015



Syaiful Bahri

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Special Thanks to: Borys Wasiuk, Tomasz Bielawski, Jagoda Jablonska, Yona Aloewie

also thanks to the FDS’ team:
Ana Karbowniak, Wojtek Kordyzon, Sławek, Elmi Abdi, Paulina Adamczak-Zielonka, Karolina Gromke, Samir Saadi, Omoye Akhagba, Rivani Adinegara.

Some photos of The Class in Phereo site.
or in flickr

Workshop’s Venue: Ul. Bracka 18/63, 00-028 Warsaw

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in Tomasz’s blog (polski): Warsztaty 3D

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