If 3D TV is not available any more

I had realized that 3D (stereoscopic view) always has segmented enthusiast. So, it has lack of interest from any major industry. Stereoscopy would remain as D.I.Y. hobby, because it is uncommon to find stereoscopic equipment in a normal market.

If 3D TV is not available anymore, probably this idea can be a solution for stereoscopic enthusiast.
Just stick the filter on TV screen, provide TV input with a video 3D interlance information (odd line LEFT, even line RIGHT or other way)

Probably obstacle of this idea are:

  • gap between filter and dot pitch due to thickness of glass screen
  • dot pitch type & dimension are vary different from one brand to another.
  • installation quality

Convert a Normal TV to 3D TV


articles from different source, to show that demand of 3D is decreasing.


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